The Ol’ Nut Job

Ragged Branch Distillery was born from an idea Alex Toomy had with friends and now co-owners, Russell Nance and Chris Sarpy during the financial downturn in 2003. The trio embarked on a journey to establish a distillery at a farm in central Virginia on Ragged Mountain near Charlottesville.    After seeing David Pickerell, the former… Continue reading The Ol’ Nut Job

Tastes of Winter

At Circa 81 in Beaufort, NC, Chef Clarke Merrell believes the cocktail is king. With over 30 cocktails on their menu at any given time (including seven different mojitos) they are always pushing the boundaries.  What better way to celebrate the Holidays than with these cocktails that highlight the tastes of Winter and are as fun… Continue reading Tastes of Winter

The Dead Rosetti

Through a nondescript wood door lighted by a single, wrought iron lamp, Micah LeMon and his staff pour their latest libations at James Beard award-nominated restaurant, The Alley Light, in Charlottesville, Virginia. Reminiscent of a speakeasy, the team works with Prohibition-level creativity to quench the ongoing cocktail renaissance. Cooler months usher in holidays with citrus… Continue reading The Dead Rosetti

Midnight in Mumbai

Made for porch sippin’

Beyond the Mint Julep

Around Derby time in Kentucky horse country you’re likely to hear spirited debates about jockeys, breeders and trainers, but the fiercest disagreements are generally reserved for a cocktail, the Mint Julep.                  Muddled –vs- Bruised Mint                  Sugar Cubes –vs- Powdered… Continue reading Beyond the Mint Julep

Taste of a Classic

An Alys Beach favorite

Hurry Up Summer

Giving a facelift to the iconic Old Fashioned.

Stand up, Joey

The longer it sits, the hotter it gets.