Grassroots Gaming

Rockbridge Guitar Company co-founder and luthier, Brian Calhoun, sits at a 2013 Thanksgiving party suffering an unanticipated gauntlet of boardgames with friends and their preteen

Bratton’s Best BBQ Sauce

Barbecue is the quintessential essence of all things Southern.  [dropcap letter=”B”]onnie Bratton is an outdoor girl at heart.  “I’m happiest when I am working in

Forging Ahead

During a kindergarten visit to a living history museum in Staunton, Virginia, Jed Curtis first fell in love – he was entranced by the blacksmith.


“My Grandmother was the major inspiration for my business,” explains Ashley Schoenith. “I grew up with all things made-from-scratch – it’s all I knew.  I

Lauri Jo’s

Never did Lauri Jo Bennett think that the love of canning would lead to a successful business. She spent many hours in the kitchen with

Guitar Men

Back when their guitar-making business was still in its infancy, when they couldn’t afford to turn down even the most bizarre orders, Mark Dalton and

Annie Hanks Ceramics

Katherine Hanks McAlister and Stephanie Anne Martin originally met as neighbors in Chattanooga, TN and spent most of their time together rock climbing and attending

Sharp Passion

As they so often say, necessity is the mother of invention; and that was certainly true for Jared Thatcher as he tossed aside knife after