Woodson’s Mill

Lowesville, Virginia


Founded in 1794 by Guilford Campbell, Woodson’s Mill is still a busy place and its building is a historic landmark.

At Woodson’s Mills, grains are still stone-ground slowly to produce all-natural grits, flours and meals. Created in small batches by hand, they use the best local ingredients available and harness the power of the nearby Piney River.

Stop by and you just may find David Woodson, Jr., the grandson of one of the past owners of the mill. He can be found most days telling visitors about his childhood and the workings of the mill.

You can purchase Woodson’s Mill grains and flours at several retailers around Virginia.  It’s also a favorite of many Virginia restaurants, and can be found as far away as San Francisco and New York City.

If you can’t make it to Virginia anytime soon but still want to enjoy the unique quality of Woodson’s Mill grains or flour, you can shop their online store @ www.woodsonsmill.com