Cog Hill Farm : Jason Smith

Selma, AL

Jason Smith



Where did you grow up and how did it influence your life? I grew up in Selma, Alabama and never in my younger years did I ever think about being a farmer.

How did the journey to farming begin? We had become conscious of what we were eating and decided to start growing our own food, which lead to us getting chickens, and then we started a garden, and then it just kept growing and growing and growing and we were finding more people, like us, that were wanting really good, locally grown food, that they felt good about.

Anything you wish you had done along the way and didn’t do? I wish we had started farming much earlier.

Is there anyone in particular who inspired your journey and why? Yes, my dear friend, and iconic Southern chef, Scott Peacock, is one of the driving forces behind our farm, and who gave us the confidence and courage to do what we are doing.

What is your favorite way to unwind? I love making YouTube videos about our daily life here on our little farm. We also have a very fun and informative farm vlog on our YouTube Channel that is updated weekly.


What do you grow / produce?  Poultry, eggs and pork. We are passionate about heritage breed livestock and that is why we made the conscious decision to raise only old heritage breed chickens for egg production.   are completely free-range and have total access to our entire property. Meat chickens are raised out in the open, on a combination of wooded and pasture areas, where they are moved daily with the help of movable fencing and a portable chicken coop.  We also raise the almost extinct heritage pig breed, the American Guinea Hog, for our pork production.  Pigs are glen raised, meaning they are raised in a wooded paddock, which includes lots of native old hickory and oak trees.

Do you have a favorite crop? It’s our Pinkeye purple hull peas.

Where / how do you sell your products? We supply restaurants and a catering service in Birmingham and we are in the very early stages of possibly selling produce to the public, so stay tuned.

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