Charleston Artisan Cheesehouse product samples

Charleston Artisan Cheesehouse


Started in 2010, Chef Greg Tatis was brought on board, to help with the start up of CAC. However, in late 2014 Greg, along with his wife Monica and partners Pete and Heather Holmes, purchased the company.

Charleston Artisan Cheesehouse is a true artisan cheese producer – cultured, mixed, molded, salted, aged, wrapped, labeled and stamped by hand.

The difference between handmade cheese and mass produced, other than the obvious cheese stabilizers and food coloring to name just two, would be the extra attention each cheese is given. Chef Tatis explains, “From the beginning of finding a great milk source to hand flipping and rotation of our Camembert – this hands-on approach lets me assess each cheese for perfect rind development and taste. Milk comes from the cows of Hickory Hill, a family owned and operated farm in Edgefield, South Carolina, on the same land for over 20 generations. Their cows graze freely on pasture 18 hours every day, exceeding even most organic dairies’ grazing times, and antibiotics are never added. Cheese flavors are created by the availability of locally sourced ingredients.

Charleston Artisan Cheesehouse

“I am often inspired by our community as well as the Southeast region. I find our local movement of quality handmade products from cheese to picture frames, spices, olive oil just to name a few is met with a consumer that is not only proud but committed to supporting local artisans.”

CAC is currently working on adding two new lines – a raw milk wash rind and a one-year farm cheddar. “We would also like to add in the near future, ricotta and a whole cows milk feta. We’re also going to be offering a baked Brie for holiday seasons – take and bake style.” CAC won the first annual Columbia. SC, MacOff this year in the “Best Local Ingredient” category, with an Andouille sausage Mac & Cheese.

CAC is perfect for everybody especially the discerning foodie and cheese enthusiasts. Their products can be purchased from their website, as well as a few select retailers around the South. Visit their website for information @


Photography by Gordon Lynch