Krewe of Floats…One Porch at a Time

If you have never been to carnival in New Orleans, then you have not been formally introduced. It begins on January 6, Twelfth Night, with nearly two months of pageantry where an endless theater of creative souls flaunt their laissez-faire attitude parading on rolling stages called floats. It’s a telling portrait of a complex city… Continue reading Krewe of Floats…One Porch at a Time

Visit Natchez

Natchez, Mississippi, is your getaway full of fun, safe, and socially distant activities to get you out of the house and into something new. We know precisely how much cabin fever everyone has developed, and we invite you to visit responsibly and discover the very best of our pandemic-sensitive places, events, and spaces. High on… Continue reading Visit Natchez

Five Tupelo Favorites Making Waves in Southern Cuisine

Road tripping along the Natchez Trace can build up quite a hunger. Luckily, this legendary route cuts straight through Tupelo, Mississippi. Famous for being the birthplace of Elvis, Tupelo has been steadily building a reputation for its thriving epicurean scene. Key to the fresh tastes coming out of this part of Hill Country: collaborations where… Continue reading Five Tupelo Favorites Making Waves in Southern Cuisine

Discover Greenwood, Mississippi Where The Spirit of Food, Music and History Lives On

  We’re one of those cute blogger couples you follow on Instagram.  I cover food. Ines covers travel. We write about restaurant openings and trending hot spots. We used to think our job required flying to big cities and foreign countries. Then, the pandemic hit and suddenly the American passport was useless. So, we rented… Continue reading Discover Greenwood, Mississippi Where The Spirit of Food, Music and History Lives On

Visit Ridgeland: Inside + Out

For those who have preconceived notions about sleepy little southern towns in America, nestled along the shores of the Barnett Reservoir (locally known as “The Rez”) and just off the Natchez Trace Parkway is the vibrant small city of Ridgeland, Mississippi. Ridgeland is bringing a fresh urban feel to the soul of southern living. Inside… Continue reading Visit Ridgeland: Inside + Out

10 Inspiring Reasons to Visit Clarksville, TN this Fall

From a bustling downtown to relaxing country drives framed by extravagant fall color, Clarksville, Tenn. is a favorite mid-south fall road trip. If your getaway wish-list includes off-the-beaten-path but convenient, affordable with plenty to do, natural beauty and not too crowded, Clarksville checks all your boxes. Let these ideas inspire you to start planning today.… Continue reading 10 Inspiring Reasons to Visit Clarksville, TN this Fall

Fall Festivals Full of Friends, Family and Fun!

While Fredericksburg, TX boasts over 400 festivals and events annually, the fall season brings a few signature celebrations that many loyal visitors simply refuse to miss. [dropcap letter=”T”]his year Fredericksburg’s Annual Oktoberfest, running October 4, 5 and 6, will celebrate 39 years. It’s the festival of all festivals in Fredericksburg, setting the standard for German-style… Continue reading Fall Festivals Full of Friends, Family and Fun!

Top It Off!

Whether you consider it a décor decision gone awry or a hobby that got out of hand, the allure of this mug covered cabin is unmistakable. [dropcap letter=”L”]ocated at the end of a dirt and gravel road, this cabin in the woods is not the expectation for rural North Carolina.  Well, maybe anywhere. While visiting… Continue reading Top It Off!

The Planter Poet

Part poet, part farmer, Bryon Herbert Reece was a riddle to the small mountain community in which he grew up. [dropcap letter=”B”]orn in 1917 in a one-room cabin on Wolf Creek near Blairsville, Georgia, Reece was destined to be a farmer like his father before him. His family grew potatoes, beans, corn, rye, apples, chickens,… Continue reading The Planter Poet

A Small Town Big On Character

Like everything in New Orleans, Algiers Point celebrates a cast of characters in this historic hamlet across the river from NOLA. [dropcap letter=”F”]rom long-time locals with their own vernacular-style accents, one that can never be imitated, to the Europeans who paid a visit, fell in love and never left. Be it the Brits, Italians or… Continue reading A Small Town Big On Character

Texas, the Other, Other Wine Country

Texans are a stubborn lot.

Explore The Texas Wine Country

A robust wine region

Rock Show

Rock Zoo, a menagerie of painted boulders that resemble animals, is displayed at a farm on Jackson County Road 32 north of Hollywood, Ala. (Photo by Mark Almond)

It all started with an unwanted boulder.  New road construction near the small community of Hollywood, AL. left a boulder deposited on the property of farmer Leonard Dawson. But as he looked at the boulder and pondered what to do with it, he saw a rooster take shape, instead. [dropcap letter=”D”]eciding to move it in front… Continue reading Rock Show

Spalding’s Bakery

Down to the basics

Into the Woods

Near a cascading waterfall at Lula Lake on Lookout Mountain, Georgia, a long stretch of rustic gray wooden tables is tucked in a blissfully shady corridor between two high rock walls, waiting for the 150 guests who’ll be here soon. Late-afternoon shadows and patches of sun bathe the metallic gold tableware, bottles of wine, and… Continue reading Into the Woods

Forever Queen of the Cypress

Jefferson, Texas The flat bottomed skiff navigates the curves of the Big Cypress Bayou as the boat’s guide, Chase Vallery, a 24 year old Louisiana State University alumnus degreed in cartography, motions toward a standalone brick structure on an elevated bank as we round a bend. “Here was where ammunition was dropped off for the Confederates… Continue reading Forever Queen of the Cypress

Out of This World

Born in 1908, outside of Buena Vista, Georgia, a small community near Columbus, Eddie Owens Martin ran away to New York City in his early teens, where he worked odd jobs, delved into the drag queen scene, was a merchant seaman and even studied dance. While it’s quite the combination of experiences, nothing compares to his adventure with the… Continue reading Out of This World

Woodruff’s Pie Shop

A slice of heaven

One of a Kind

Memorial to the Coon Dog

Cemented in Time

Feels like a real cave

Shifting Smoke

East Texas BBQ Near the Red River

Swamp Music

Swamp Music

Life on the Atchafalaya

Chapel of Rest

Recalling simpler times

A City in Bloom

Andalusia, Alabama Much like the flower of the Southern Magnolia, Andalusia, Alabama, is a city in bloom. Nestled between the pine boughs and cotton fields of South Alabama, Andalusia is situated at the confluence of the Wiregrass and the BlackBelt. Mirroring the contrast of the milky white magnolia blossom against the waxy green leaves, Andalusia’s… Continue reading A City in Bloom

Museum For Dummies

To say Vent Haven is the only museum of its kind in the world would be an understatement. In this unique place you will find over 800 ventriloquist figures or “dummies”. Lining its walls are hundreds of publicity photos of vents (short for ventriloquists) and their dummies. It also houses a vast collection of vent-related books, some of which… Continue reading Museum For Dummies

Lauren Rogers Museum

Laurel, Mississippi The Lauren Rogers Museum of Art opened as Mississippi’s first art museum in 1923 and is nestled among the live oak trees of Laurel’s beautiful historic district adjacent to downtown.  Founded by the timber family, which settled the town, the museum boasts nationally known collections of American and European paintings, Native American baskets,… Continue reading Lauren Rogers Museum

Bourbon Pilgrimage

We need to do this

Delta Personality

Where you’ll feel like family

A Town That Lies

A town in Virginia loves to tell lies.

A Night At Doe’s

Great steak in a place like no other

Ave Maria Grotto

A landscape of miniature stone structures.

This Ain’t New Orleans

Maybe this Mardi Gras isn’t for you

Southern Jewel

There are no strangers in Washington, GA.

Woodson’s Mill

Small batch, stone-ground, all natural grains.